HP-01 Technology

HP-01 calculator LED watch technology

This chapter explains how the HP-01 calculator watch (HP internal code name ”Cricket”) works and the single components it consists of are explained and shown by many photos.

The HP-01 offered fascinating new capabilities at that time and is the most capable and most advanced led watch till today.


 Become acquainted with the HP-01 electronic module and learn what’s inside it! See what single components the
HP-01 LED watch consists of. You’ll be surprised about the unique construction and the capabilities of the HP01.
In this chapter you’ll find the unique HP-01 internal showcase and more…

HP-01 module UP
HP-01 technology #1
HP-01 module DOWN
HP-01 technology #2
HP-01 module display
HP-01 technology #4
HP-01 module inside
HP-01 technology #5
HP-01 i CPU2
HP-01 i CPU
HP-01 technology #6
HP-01 module corroded
HP-01 module corroded 2
HP-01 technology #7
HP-01 cutaway
HP-01 block diagram
HP-01 technology #8
HP-01 showcase closed
HP-01 showcase open
HP-01 showcase cutaway
HP-01 showcase details

On the inside of the HP-01 back cover, a piezo speaker has been mounted which can produce bleeps, used for the alarm function or the countdown timer.
Klick in the picture if you want to listen to the original beep...

HP-01 back buzzer
HP-01 technology #9

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