Bulova LED watch

The Bulova LED watches of the seventies enjoyed great popularity.

This was mostly due to the extraordinary design of the so-called „driver“ watches.
The name comes from the ability of the driver to read the time with his hands at the steering wheel, as the display of the watch is pointed towards him.
But of course you need the second hand to press the button at all...
But with a „normal“ watch you would also be forced to take away the hand where you're wearing the watch and turn the wrist so that the display points to you.
There were countless different models of the driver's watch, chrome, gold or nickle plated.
A stainless steel driver's watch, as quite often wrongly stated, never existed. There are many different variations when it comes to the finishing of the case and the band design.
There are also cases where a red glass has been inserted on top, or where a Masonic-Logo can be found. Even for women there is a series of watches with a side-display.
I especially like these, as they look very futuristic.
Because of the quite obvious similarity with „The alien machines“ in those movies these watches are also called „War of the Worlds“ watches.
Apart from the watches with a side-display, Bulova has also built a series of other models, which are not very sought after by collectors.
An exception certainly is the so-called „Big Block“ which is very big and heavy. Of this watch several different models do exist.
Although the watches usually have an extravagant and stunning design, with the exception of the Ladies „War of the Worlds“ watches, they do not belong to my favourites.This is due to the fact that in my opinion they are not very high-class. (high-end). So there is no stainless steel version of the side-display models. And the electronic modules are far from high-class as well.Therefore today most of them do not work any more.
The most often faulty parts of the driver's watch are certainly the segments of the LED display, which can be blamed on poor quality. For these reasons I do not devote further descriptions to the Bulova watches, but only present a series of pictures and leaflets that can be enjoyed.